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Rice Aata
Daal Sugar
Milk Salt
ToothPaste soap
shampoo Kid's Diaper
Sanitary Pads others
I resolve that I shall render my service to the nation when called upon to do so.

Support for a Family .1100/- per family.
1 Family Support. 1,100/-
5 Family Support. 5,500/-
10 Family Support. 11,000/-

What is this initiative about?

Following restrictions to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, countless daily wage earners have lost their livelihood and their families are struggling with hunger. Through this initiative by Cancer Control Mission and supported by you, we are supplying fresh Groceries to such families in need. Support us in our mission to insure no one around us goes hungry. All the contributions towards project BASKET initiative will be directly transferred to CCM. The funds will be used to supply Groceries to families in need. With just a little amount as Rs. 1100/- for one family you can help provide on Groceries.

Contribute www.ccm-india.org
Dedicated Team

CCM Dedicated team is helping poor people with food and necessities supply for their livelihood and also spreading awareness regarding COVID – 19 so that people are educated and will fight against this virus.

Cleanliness campaign

CCM team and members are helping people to keep their surrounding clean and hygienic. Cleanliness helps to keep away COVID – 19, Basic cleanliness habits such as washing hands, using face mask, social distancing which will help people to stay healthy and keep their surrounding healthy.

The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity.

Food Distribution

We provide food and other basic essentials to workers, homeless etc. so that with us they can also fight this virus and help us to free India from COVID – 19. In this Scariest time, humanity is going through a tough time that needs people’s support. We at Cancer Control Mission are helping unfortunate poor people, Laborer, Worker etc. by providing necessities so that they can also survive in this tough phase of life. We urge you to Support CCM in the event which will help us to help the needy and india will beat this COVID-19 pandemic. Countless family of daily wages earner going hungry in the absence of their livelihood following COVID-19 Lockdown. Show your love / Support so that they can also survive this Lockdown and COVID-19.

Animal Care

Animals are also a part of our society and we should take care of every living beings in difficult time, Hence we do take care of homeless dogs, cats etc. by providing them food and medical facilities.

Awareness Campaign

Raising awareness about hand wash, hygiene, sanitation, social distancing among communities.